Luxury Disabled Toilet Unit

Luxury disabled toilet front the doorLuxury disabled toilet front the door

A luxury toilet with Disabled Access

The latest contemporary design in luxury disabled units. The unit is self-contained with regards to water and drainage, but does also have the option of mains connection if required.
Bright downward lighting for better visibility and access is via a gentle ramp with fitted handrail. An emergency call alarm is fitted. Baby changing stand is installed inside of the unit for convenience.
This unit is also ideal for the elderly or infirm as there is plenty of room to move around, and the handrails offer stability.

Product Specifications:

Toilet Dimensions:
2.3M Height x 2.4M Depth x 1.9M Width


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More Information

Luxury Disabled Toilet Unit features:

  • Chrome push button taps
  • Warm water
  • Baby Changing Stand
  • High quality hand soap
  • Low energy down lighters
  • Large floorspace
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