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The Doorchester
The Doorchester
The Doorchester
The Doorchester
The Doorchester

The DoorChester Suite can fit through any door!

The DoorChester suite uses single panels to build a bathroom within a building or structure.

The flexibility of the system means that the exact number of cubicles, urinals and hand basins selected depend on the space available, nature of the event and the number of guests.

Options are available to choose wall colours on the interior and exterior panels to accommodate your event. For VIP events the DoorChester Suite complements all design themes ensuring that your guests are impressed by the level of detail and unique design.

More Information

Water Supply Is Required. Power Supply Is Required.

Toilet system can be in either vacuum technology and tanks or fresh flush plumbed into the mains drainage.

The Doorchester Suite requires a level floor inside a building or structure.

Constant power supply is essential for installation and during the event which power requirements varies according to the quantity of stock.

Constant fresh water supply with good pressure for installation and during the event. The fresh water is necessary for both the hand basins and loo pans.


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