Standard White Disabled

Portable Toilet Unit

White Disabled Portable Toilet
White Disabled Portable Toilet

White Disabled Portable Toilet

Our standard white disabled toilet unit is the same great build as our standard unit but with larger dimensions and easier access. These features help to accommodate for wheelchair access and can accommodate an additional adult where appropriate. Easy to reach hand sanitiser and hand full width handrails.

Main Features

  • Full-width handrails on 2 walls.
  • Ground level wheelchair access.
  • Totally self-contained.
  • Hand washing is by means of an anti-bacterial hand gel which dries on hands after application.
  • Truly portable, with full on-site service if required.
  • Re-circulating flush tank system.

More Information

Toilet Dimensions: 2.4M Height x 1.55M Depth x 1.55M Width

Weight: 127KG

Placed on flat land

Shielded from the wind to prevent falling over

Do not put on public footpaths unless granted permission from the local council

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