Portable Toilet with Compact Basin

Hot Wash

Comes with forearm compact basin

Our portable hot wash toilet has the same strong build as our standard unit but with the added benefit of providing you with instant hot water in a large, forearm submersion basin, HSE compliant for best hygiene. Each hotwash unit comes in either 240V or 110V and requires a 16amp plug, yellow in colour for the 110V.

The hot wash unit has a self-contained re-circulating tank and is delivered ready for use. The sink has its own reservoir that is easily topped up by the customer if it runs out before our weekly service visit.

More Information

Toilet Dimensions: 2.4M Height x 1.2M Depth x 1.2M Width

Weight: 80KG

  • Flat, firm ground.
  • Clear access not blocked by walls or equipment.
  • Power supply of 240V or 110V.
  • 16amp plug – *Usually Yellow colour for 110v and blue for 240.

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