Mains Portable Toilet Unit

Mains Single Portable Toilet, This is basically the same as our standard portable toilet, top quality; durable and construction site approved but with added connections for plugging into mains drains. These units are delivered to site and the customer is then required to get a plumber to do the mains connection. Discharge is through a 4″ pipe with the water inlet through a 15mm push fit connection. These usually come as a cold wash version or if preferred a hotwash which provides instant hot water in a forearm size basin with automatic shut off after 20 seconds. This is normally a 240V with a 16 amp plug.


Product Specifications:

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If there is mains drainage on site then we can provide a Single Mains toilet which will connect directly into the manhole drain and requires no weekly service.

The toilet is supplied ready for mains connection but the hirer will require a plumber to connect it into the drain or holding tank.

Waste is discharged from the back of the unit via a 4” pipe, the water inlet is through a 15mm push fit connection.

  • Fully HSE compliant
  • Forearm basin
  • Automatic water shut off after 20 seconds
  • Hot Wash 240 volt option available
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