Urinal Trailer

Portable Toilet Unit

Urinal Trailer
Standard Portable Toilet
Standard Portable Toilet
Standard Portable Toilet

Urinals for larger events

We have 2 sizes of urinals, both of which alleviate the problem of queueing and congestion.

This is a most cost-effective system for large events.

Each cabin can replace up to 25 individual WC units, and has a through put of 1000 males per hour. Hand sanitisers containing anti-bacterial hand gel are located inside.

A single phase electrical system is required on the site.

We can supply anything from 1 to over 1000 portable toilet units at a time, ensuring queue-free convenience is always an option no matter how large your event is.

More Information

  • Each urinal unit is self-contained as regards water and drainage
  • A water supply is not required
  • Wash hands with anti-bacterial gel which dries after application
  • Translucent roofs or windows give good daylight illumination
  • The Uro Cabin trailer has lighting for evening use

Toilet Dimensions: 2.3M Depth x 6M Width

Weight: 2000KG


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