Alvac Vacuum System


If you are looking for a state of the art design of luxury toilets which can be tailor-made to your requirements, then you will want to consider the ALVAC VACUUM SYSTEM.

This system must be installed inside of a building or structure.

Available in Oak.

The Alvac Vacuum System is for the event which demands no compromise in quality or style.

Product Specifications:

Toilet Dimensions:
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Our Vacuum range consists of a number of individual units that combine to make a complete luxurious bathroom set-up. The number of WC, vanity and urinal units are tailored to meet the exact requirements and number of guests attending. Facilities for disabled guests are also available.

Once installed inside a permanent or temporary structure the completed look resembles a permanent luxury bathroom. The effective use of Oak combined with spot lighting and large mirrors, gives a clean, modern and impressive effect.

The advantages of having this individual modular system is that it not only allows an event organiser to create bespoke bathroom facilities which are luxurious but also it can be installed in locations previously thought to be inaccessible for conventional toilet facilities.

The toilets in the Alvac range have a vacuum flush which works on exactly the same principle as the toilets on passenger aircraft. No chemicals are used and only a minimum amount of water is required per flush, so they are eco-friendly too.

Alvac Vacuum System – luxury modules features

  • Modular system allows the organiser to create the most luxurious bathroom facility.
  • Can be installed in locations previously considered inaccessible to conventional toilet facilities.
  • Clean, modern dramatic effect.
    • Water Access: Required.
    • Power Supply: Required. 32amp 3 phase and 16amp
    • Waste disposal: Required. Mains drainage or holding tank
    • Access Requirements: Flat level ground, room for HGV Vehicle. Units positioned by forklift truck. Needs to be installed in a covered structure
    • Fork Lift Truck: Required. Not supplied by AndyLoos

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