Abberley Premium Trailer

Abberley Premium Trailer

This is a premium design mobile toilet trailer that is equally suitable at a wedding where additional capacity is required or at an event where an enhanced specification, featuring greater floor space is needed.


Product Specifications:

Toilet Dimensions:
3M Height x 6.3M Depth x 2.5M Width


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More Information

These are re-circulating units that can also be connected directly to the mains if required. Warm water for hand washing is delivered to all the hand wash basins, perfect for your toilet hire needs.

The Abberley has a modern functional interior equally at home as a public or VIP unit. It caters for up to 600 people per day in re-circulating mode and has an internal dividing door which can be configured to make the unit all ladies or all gents.

Abberley Premium Trailer features:

  • Self-contained option
  • No water or drainage required
  • Warm water
  • Soap and towel dispensers
  • Vanity mirrors and lighting
  • Toilet Calculator Guide

    How many ladies
    will be attending?

    How many men
    will be attending?

    How long will
    your event last?


    Standard Options

    • Female

    • Male

    Luxury Options

    • Female

    • Male