Construction and building site toilets, washrooms and loos

We Meet Health And Safety Standards

Provision of  construction site toilets, washrooms and shower facilities to building sites is a major part of our business. Immediate response for emergency situations is expected by our client base – a client base which includes everything from small owner managed building companies to large national developers. Regular maintenance and service of these robust portable toilet units is essential when the construction projects prove to be longer than the norm. We understand the building industry’s needs, and are geared up for the challenge, no matter the working environment. We know the going may be tough, but we keep your workforce going!

 BS6465– 1:2006 recommends a ratio of 1 toilet to 7 persons where portable toilets are emptied once a week.

We ensure that all amenities are fully stocked, consistently cleaned, regular on site maintenance and restocking the units with essentials such as toilet paper, hand soap etc.

Because of our demanding construction site toilets experience, we are also able to offer a selection of portable toilet and shower units suitable specifically for the farming environment. Our squat tank unit is highly mobile which is ideal for farmers to be taken from field to field. Our high quality strong construction site toilets mean our products are highly durable in the toughest of environments.

From large construction sites to small projects, Andyloos has construction site toilets covered, and at the best value for money.

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