What is a water bowser?

A water bowser is a containment system which holds water that needs to be transported from one location to another – you could think of it like a really big bottle.

Why would you need a water bowser hire? That is a good question, many large events or construction sites require water access on site for health and safety purposes. Access to water can be limited or none existent in some areas of the UK making a water bowser a problem fixer.

How are water bowsers used for toilet hire?

The water bowser is filled full of water by your supplier and then delivered on site. Once positioned and plumbed into the water for hand cleaning / flushing or used with portable shower blocks.
These tanks are not the same ones that are used to dispose of the waste in either situation.

Water bowsers would work with many of our toilet range such as our Poly-Vac toilets.

Water bowsers for toilet hire may need to be resupplied with water if the event/construction lasts multiple days.


Drinking water bowser hire

Not to be confused with normal water bowser hire.
Bowsers for drinking water need to be disinfected regularly to sustain its ability to transport safe drinkable water.
When searching for water bowsers for drinking water make sure to double check they are suitable

Water bowser for shower hire

Showers take a large amount of water to operate which is not always readily available on site. The water inside of the bowser needs to be clean to consume but not recommended for drinking, this is because some people will accidentally drink a little bit of water when washing. 

For this reason the water bowsers will need to be decontaminated and sterilised.

The size of the water bowser will depend on how many people you expect to use the shower.
A survey made by Unilever documented on the BBC said that an average UK shower takes 8 minutes and uses 62 litres of water. That’s 7.75 litres per minute.

Waste Tanks

Hiring waste tanks for portable toilet hire fixes a problem with high footfall toilets. The size of the waste tank required will depend on the expected number of daily users. Hiring a waste tank reduces the amount of times that the toilet hire service company will need to send a vehicle to remove the waste. 

A larger vehicle will be needed to deliver the tank and to collect the tank/waste in the end.  Therefore the ground must be suitable for a larger vehicle.
The waste stored in this tank needs to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner by a licensed company. 

Where can you put a water bowser

Placement of the bowser is to be on firm and level ground. The ground needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the bowser without sinking into the ground as this can create problems later when attempting to move or collect the unit. 

Water bowser pumps

Water pumps are needed with bowsers for portable toilet hire as they increase the pressure  which allows for water to travel from bowser to toilet. These are sometimes provided by the toilet hire company but should be checked when booking the units.

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