Covid-19 Toilet Trailer Hire

How to effectively use toilet trailer hire to limit your staff exposure to Covid-19

During the current Covid-19 Virus outbreak companies are trying to limit the exposure of their staff members. One of the preventative measures we are noticing is an increase in our toilet trailers being hired to accommodate the staff.

In this short blog post we will be showing 2 methods in which our clients are using our trailer toilets to reduce risk to staff. Please note, this information is purely informative and will not take precedence over government guidelines.


Example One:

Some companies are splitting the office by departments and creating individual work areas for each group. Creating a physical distance between staff in popup offices reduces the chances of all members of staff simultaneously getting the illness.

This has been achieved by one of our clients by hiring multiple trailers for staff to work in on the carpark and our luxury toilet trailers for staff to use.


Example Two:

Some businesses are hiring our toilet trailers to provide driver exclusive toilets. The danger to the business is that drivers are communicating to multiple people daily, then returning to the workplace and using the shared facilities. This creates a risk of exposing every member of staff to what they may or maynot have picked up on their travels.

Hiring a toilet removes this problem whilst creating convient toilet facilities for your company drivers.

If you decide this might be the right option for your company, please call our head office and we will advise you with all the information you require.

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