We get many calls enquiring if we provide London toilet hire and the answer is yes, but we don’t provide construction toilets.


AndyLoos are specialists in luxury toilet hire, it’s what we provide for our London clients. If you have an event, wedding, corporate gathering, movie filming or festival we are the company for your toilet needs. Our toilets are immaculate and stylish which is why we’re chosen by London’s high society.


With over 30 years worth of experience to our name, our staff can expertly tell you what you will need. Helping you avoid all unnecessary and undesired mishaps.


Your fantastic choices in luxury London Toilet Hire.

The Doorchester Suite

is normally used for events where the venue has poor access and a lack of toilets to cater for your required number of guests. The suite is modular and can be arranged with the amount of urinals, cubicles and sinks which match your event needs.


The most luxurious of the range. It will need to be installed inside of a like a marquee with power access. These units use vacuum pressure to increase sanitation and reduce waste making them the echo friendly choice for your event. The Oak colour scheme with chrome finishing not only will impress your guests but make them question their own home bathroom.

Signature Luxury Toilet Trailer

This range is the choice for your outdoor event. Custom lighting, DVD player, Music and vanity mirror, it’s nothing like any portable toilet you have ever seen. 


Use our calculator to help you get an idea how many toilets you might need and what luxury units we can provide.

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