When hiring a portable toilet most people want to save as much money as possible, especially when hiring could be a regular reoccurring cost. So, is it better to buy or hire a portable toilet?

Why would you buy a portable toilet?

  • You have the ability to transport a portable toilet, saving on delivery and collection costs.
  • You expect an EXTREMELY low usage of the portable toilet.
  • You expect to keep the toilet for many years.
  • You have a location to store a toilet which is easily accessible. (Dimensions a portable toilet: 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.2m.)
  • You don’t mind using a really smelly toilet every day.
  • You have a waste carriers licence and a contract with a waste disposal company.


Most businesses and individuals, it’s easier and cheaper to rent a portable toilet. Click the button to fill in our short no hassle form and we will get back to you.

Why would you hire a portable toilet?

  • Toilet requirements can change frequently.
  • No location/ no desire to long-term store the portable toilets.
  • You want a regular and reliable toilet service.
  • You have no feasible method of transporting a toilet full of waste.


We work with PolyPortables which provides all our high quality durable portable toilets. Click the button to see all the portable toilets on sale.


In most usual hire circumstances it is cheaper for the customer to hire a portable toilet rather than to purchase one. This is because the toilets require weekly servicing if used at a normal rate, removing any potential savings from purchasing as servicing is as expensive as hiring.


Price When Toilet Is Purchased
 Product & Service PriceNotes
Price of a toilet£550Price not accurate, may vary.
Price of Service£24Serviced Fortnightly
Yearly cost£1,174Not taken into pricing (transport cost, storage cost, one off cleaning, soap, toilet paper, unit maintenance)
Toilet Hire with AndyLoos – Serviced Weekly£24



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