Run to work, smell great.

January starts the New Year and new you, many people are trying to stick their New Year’s resolution of getting healthy. Utilising the small amount of free time in the day many people are opting to start their morning with a run to work, but no one wants to be sweaty and smelly in their work outfit. Employee invested companies can help their determined staff by renting portable showers during the resolution period.

Benefits of running to work

  • Feel good: Endorphin’s are released after exercise, these are the ‘feel good’ hormones which inspires a positive outlook, reduced stress and boosts self-esteem which all adds to increased productivity.
  • Stay healthy: Regular exercise helps prevent illness and injury. This is extremely beneficial to companies that reply on their expert staff on a daily basis, reduced sickness increases profits.
  • Staff save money: Commuting is expensive, gyms are expensive, and time is money.
  • Achieve Goals: Staff that achieve their goals are more likely to create bigger goals in the future.


We advise anyone planning on making the change to bring enough water and to stretch before any exercise is performed.

Our portable showers are high quality and provide more than enough room to comfortably shower, we also offer disabled access unit for equal work opportunities which we strongly believe in.  For more information on our range of Portable showers see the Shower section of our website.

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