Luxury 3+3 Trailer

Toilet trailer 3+3Toilet trailer 3+3

Luxury 3+3 Toilet Trailer

This trailer provides a spacious environment with sinks and powerful hand dryers in each cubical.
The trailer has a lockable door in the middle which allows the unit to be divided in half in the event that you require male and female only toilets. The luxury 3+3 trailer is a 6 toilet trailer accommodating a high throughput of guests.
Blue or white atmospheric lighting is optional.
Speakers indoors for music.


Product Specifications:

Toilet Dimensions:
2.87M Height x 2.4M Depth x 7.49M Width


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More Information

Water Supply: Required.
Power Supply: Required – 16amp
Waste disposal: Re-circulation or mains drainage (water supply required with mains connection).
Access Requirements: Flat level, firm ground with good access for 4×4 Unit will be towed into place.

Toilet Calculator Guide

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Standard Options

  • Female

  • Male

Luxury Options

  • Female

  • Male