Portable toilet hire can seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually really simple!

How many days do I need to hire the toilet for?
Whether you will be hiring the toilet for more or less than 2 weeks will affect the hire rate price of the toilet. When booking it is important to know if you will be hiring for an event (under 2 weeks) or for a long hire duration (2 weeks and over)
What type of toilet do you need?
A standard portable toilet can be used in most locations but some construction site regulations require hand washing facilities to be accessible. Toilets with basins are available through Andyloos in our hot and cold wash units.
We have a range of:

Where is the toilet hire location?
Our map shows the area of the UK that we service. For large events we can increase our travel distance to cater for clients needs. The blue locations on the map contains each depot contact information.

How many toilets do I need?
We have created a portable toilet calculator to help plan how many you should require for any event.

Can I receive a quote online?
We have an online quote form on our contact us page. If you fill this in one of our events team members of staff will E-Mail you with a quote for your event.

Is the toilet hire location accessible for a truck?
Portable toilets are delivered by trailer or truck; some locations can be borderline impossible to reach when travelling down narrow alleys. If you have any information on delivery obstructions, please inform our members of staff when booking.
The next point to be aware of is that our drivers service the toilet every week, making sure they keep clean and of high standard. Or service hoses are 5 meters in length, any toilet further than 5 meters from the road will be unable to be serviced.

How do I off hire a toilet?
It’s simple to off hire a toilet, you only need to call the branch that you booked your toilet. Quote the booking name and the location of the toilet to our members of staff.

Toilet Calculator Guide

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