Outdoor Wedding Toilet Guide

A wedding outdoors is a little bit more difficult to plan than a traditional wedding but, it’s worth it if the weather is on your side. Access to a toilet might become a problem when you aspire for that picture perfect remote get-away wedding, this is our “Andyloos Outdoor Wedding Toilet Guide” to help you plan your dream day.

Toilet Location
Some people do not want a toilet in their wedding photos, so the first thing to do is to assign the places that the photographer can capture the day. Choose an appropriate place out of view for the toilets – behind a tent, bush, wall or tree can all help separate the toilets from the celebration. Toilets should be close enough to the reception that people can access them quickly after they have started drinking, if it’s warm outside people will be consuming more fluids than normal. They shouldn’t be too close to the function that they get in the way, avoid placing a toilet near the entrance, exit or bar. Check the walk path to the toilet location, it needs to avoid muddy spots and should have a light guided trail for guests if the party continues into the night.

Luxury Toilets

Toilet trailers are a brilliant way to keep guests happy when hosting a wedding outdoors. Luxury toilet trailers can come with the benefits that you expect from an indoor toilet such as: Mirrors, Spotlights, Individual urinals, DVD player, Music, Chrome taps and Deep sinks; urinals and large cubicles. Toilet trailers can accommodate more people than a standard portable toilet with abilities to host events with 150 people.


You will need enough toilets for everyone, this can be a difficult task to guess how many will accommodate a whole party. Luckily we have created a calculator to help!

Adding style to a portable toilet

Portable toilets get an unfair bad reputation, mobile toilets are thoroughly cleaned in order to comply with health standards. A few decorations can turn a regular toilet into a charming display of initiative and vision. We recommend trying:

  • Flowers
  • Decretive Lighting
  • Personal wedding signs
  • Drapes
  • Banners
  • Red carpet and railing

That’s it for our Outdoor Wedding Toilet Guide we hope it helped, If you have any questions regarding toilets for your big day Contact Us or alternatively leave us a message on our Facebook or Twitter.

Toilet Calculator Guide

How many ladies
will be attending?

How many men
will be attending?

How long will
your event last?


Standard Options

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  • Male

Luxury Options

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