Cheaper and Better Weddings? Yes please!

A review of wedding venues in England and Wales is to be announced by the chancellor s Budget. It will look at lifting restrictions on weddings in al fresco locations such as beaches, gardens, and temporary structures.

The Treasury said more choice could lower the average venue booking cost and boost the hospitality sector. This more relaxed attitude to weddings have been active in Scotland for years.

Currently the choice of wedding venues are church or a civil ceremony. Where the civil ceremonies must take place before the wedding at register offices or approved premises. This can make the wedding day feel less important as effectively, you’re already married.

A practice that dates from 1837, It is required that couples specify the building in which the ceremony is to take place and abide by restrictions on the consumption of food and drink in the area before and during the event.

The average wedding now costs over £30,000 according to recent surveys  with venues costing around £6,000. Hotels currently represent 40% of the 7,500 buildings licensed to conduct civil ceremonies.

This change in law presents a massive opportunity for the events business and the local councils.  Couples will be granted more options where they wish to perform the ceremony, with more competition the prices of the venues should reduce to remain competitive.

This more flexible wedding budget may allow for couples to spend more on things for the wedding that they would usually spend on the venue. Such as luxury toilets *wink wink nudge nudge.*

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