Arranging a mobile toilet is easy! You need to know what legally you must provide, the number of toilets required and the dates they are needed.
Our FREE online calculator can help you with how many toilets you require, this blog post should help you choose a toilet which best suits your needs.

Standard Portable toilet
These systems can be placed on any firm and level ground which makes them the usual go-to choice. Hand sanitation is provided for hygiene purposes, toilet is self-contained circulation flush tank system with weekly services provided on long term hire. No requirement for water access.

Usually hired by: construction, events, housing development, weddings.

Hot Wash Portable toilet
Very similar to the standard portable toilet but this unit provides hot water hand wash which matches H&S regulation for sink size and hygiene.
Each hotwash unit comes in either 240V or 110V and requires a 16amp plug.

Usually hired by: Outdoor construction, Long term development, business that needs to match H&S Standards for unfavorable outdoor weather.

Luxury Trailers
Trailers are available in different sizes and levels of luxury depending on your needs, our trailers come with multiple extras such as TV’s, DVD players, music and more. These systems remove any stigma one may have about using a portable toilet with their elegance and style.

Usually hired by: Events, corporate events, weddings.

Poly-Vac Toilets
These are vacuum toilet systems much like the ones found on an aircraft, they do not require chemicals and use a minimum amount of water, Ideal solution for the eco-friendly!

Usually hired by: Events, corporate events

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