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You are arranging an event and you need toilets. You’ve looked at standard portable toilets and decided instead that you NEED Luxury Toilet hire. But what will you need to know before you book these units?

Here is a few questions you should know about your event when booking luxury toilet hire. Knowing the answer to these questions can help prevent problems on the day.


How many guests will be attending?

You will need to know the approximate number of people that will be attending your event. This will allow you decide how large of a luxury toilet unit you need or how many units you will require to cater for the guests.

What is the percentage of female/male guests?

When you know the amount of approximate number of guests we will also need to know the split between male and female. Urinals can cater for multiple males and some of luxury units have them installed in a restricted area helping to increase the throughput.

Where will the toilet to be located?

You plan where at your venue that your toilet will be located. This is because access, room, power and ground quality is all factors that need to be considered.

Does the hire location have power access?

Or Luxury toilets will more than likely require power access (ask when booking). If you can’t provide power requirements a generator will be needed.

Power access should be in a reasonable distance from the toilet unit.

Does the hire location have access to water?

Fresh water might be required for the luxury toilet hire.  This must be in a reasonable distance from where you wish to place the unit.  (Please ask when booking if water access is required)

Do you have mains waste access or a holding tank?

Toilet waste needs to go somewhere. Some of our units are self-contained others require waste access or a holding tank for the waste.

Will you need marquee hire for your outdoor event?

If you have a marquee your options for luxury toilet hire increase as some of our units require that they are situated in a place with cover.

What is the access like to your event?

When moving the toilet to your hire location you will need to think about the access on and around site. The units might need to be brought via lorry, 4x4 or positioned using a forklift. You will also have to consider the height and width of the unit itself.

Flat floor for installation?

Our units cannot be installed on ground that it sloped. Flat ground is required in the location which you want to place the unit.

Will I require a forklift truck?

If you choose a trailer for your event, some of the units will require a forklift on site to remove it from the transport trailer. Andyloos do not provide forklifts and you will be required to have one ready to receive delivery. (Please ask our events team if this is required when booking)


Use this calculator to get a rough idea what you might need. Our staff might recommend a more appropriate unit for your event.

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