Do the toilets need a water supply?

Water supply is not needed for one-day hire period as our system is self-contained. But you will need a water supply for hire duration lasts multiple days.

Where does the waste go?

The waste is self-contained inside of the trailer unit, this waste will need to be periodically emptied to continue to function.

Do the toilets need electricity?

You will need 16 AMP power supply for the luxury toilet systems to function. This can be provided by either mains supply or generator system. AndyLoos do not provide generators.

How many times will it need to be emptied?

This depends on the size of the event and the amount of usage, larger events require more regular emptying. Likewise, events where alcohol is consumed will increase the amount of usage the unit receives.

Where can I place a luxury unit?

Luxury toilet trailers should be placed on flat & dry land.  This helps when maneuvering the units into position which meets your requirements and prevents visitors walking through mud before using the toilet.

How many toilets per person do I need?

We have previously covered how many portable toilets needed in this article  How many portable toilets do you need for an event?

How much notice do I need to give before booking?
If you are planning on booking one of our luxury units you should provide a few months’ notice. If the event is of the larger scale a year notice is advised to prevent disappointment.

How can I book a luxury portable toilet system?

Enquiries can be made using our Contact Us form on the website. Alternatively, you can call us directly and select EVENTS on our call transfer system.


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