Festival Toilet Hire Guide

AndyLoos provide toilet hire for the largest festivals across the UK to the smallest town gatherings. We know that arranging welfare for your guests can be a complicated task, we recommend you ask.

What toilets do I need?Festival Toilets

How many toilets do I need?

To figure out how many toilets you need for an event we have created a toilet calculator, just for you!  🙂

HOW MANY TOILETS DO I NEED? I think I can manage with less….

Using less toilets than recommended can result in unhappy attendees which could unfold into an environmental disaster. A lack of toilets will cause long queues in peak hours, to avoid these queues some attendees choose to relieve themselves on bushes, roads, walls, stands, fences, cars, tents.  You name it, they will make it smell like ammonia.

Toilet Waste Emptying & Cleaning?

Portable toilets need regular cleaning and they don’t clean themselves. Organisation of service requirements for hired toilets are to be arranged when booking. The more guests that you have at your event, the more you will need servicing and emptying.

Specialist large waste tank emptying is available at request.

Do I need toilet Attendants?

Toilet attendants are not an absolute necessity, with larger festivals (Size: Glastonbury or Reading) cleaning crews are on the site all day. For smaller festivals, with only a few thousand attendees it might be a beneficial choice to have a dedicated service attendant.

When should I book the toilets?

MANY months in advance, toilet hire in this scale can be difficult to come across. Many companies will have a large amount of units pre-booked over the summer months.

How long does it take to install the toilets?

It can take multiple days to deliver, install and test all the toilet units in advance for a festival. Please make sure time as been allocated for delivery and installation. Large vehicles will be required to transport the units, adequate vehicle access is required

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Toilet Calculator Guide

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