Changing the image of Portable Toilets.

Every person who has ever gone to a festival knows that the worst thing about the whole experience, other than waiting outside for 4 hours in a queue to camp, is the eventuality of using the portable toilets.
You can’t avoid it, it’s going to happen and no one wants to be the first person in your group to do it. I have heard stories of people attempt to go the whole festival without defecating in the portable toilets by taking large amounts of Imodium. (Spoiler: Doesn’t work)

FORTUNATELY, we at AndyLoos have undertaken the massive task to change the public opinion on portable toilets by providing the nicest portable toilet you have ever used whilst at a festival. We have definitely upped our game, we thank you all for the positive comments and reviews you have given us.


portable toilet reviews

We never expect reviews on our portable toilets, but we love to read them.

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