Here at AndyLoos we love a bit of Loo roll art! We often share examples on our Facebook page but now we’d like to share YOUR loo roll masterpieces.

We were going to offer a years supply of toilet roll but decided that would take up far too much room so instead we are offering a £100 gift card to spend on shopping or craft supplies!

Anything goes – 3D art, collage or sculpture, we’ll leave it to your imagination. You can use other materials in your artwork but remember it must comprise mainly of toilet tissue and/or toilet roll tubes. Competition closes at midnight on 21st November 2014

How to enter:

Upload a photo of your sculpture, 3D art or collage, tell us a little bit about it or how you made it and we’ll showcase it on our blog and page for everyone to see. Join in the fun on our Facebook page by liking and commenting on the loo roll masterpieces that you like.

By uploading your photo you confirm that this is your own original artwork and that under 16’s have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.

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