Do I need temporary toilet hire for a bathroom renovation? Is it worth the price?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer definitely. If you don’t have temporary toilet hire when you’re doing your bathroom renovation you are going to have a bad time. I’m talking arguments with your spouse, deep cleaning the carpet and a second bathroom that never truly gets back to the way it was before.

Here at AndyLoos we love builders, we work close with them every day but we know how much mud you guys can bring through a house.

It’s obviously not the builders fault, they are doing a bathroom renovation in a dirty work environment without temporary toilet hire outdoors – of course they are going to bring dirt through the house. How else are they going to use the toilet other than pee up the wall outside? (Don’t do this it will smell and health and safety people will come running)

For you, the homeowner. Not only do you want to get temporary toilet hire to protect the house but also to keep part of your house free from builders.

You can go about normal day to day without interruptions hiding upstairs watching TV as the clatter and bangs of the new bathroom goes on out of sight downstairs.

How much does portable toilet hire cost?

The price of renting a toilet is lower than you would expect.

 Toilet Hire Per WeekMinimum HireTransport
Standardard£24+VAT2 Weeks£19+Vat Each Way
Disabled Toilet£38+VAT2 Weeks£19+Vat Each Way
Hotwash£31+VAT2 Weeks£19+Vat Each Way
Mains Connected£28+VAT2 Weeks£19+Vat Each Way

As you can see from the table it’s much cheaper than it would costs to clean the house after the works done.


Should I get a portable toilet if my businesses toilets are getting refurbed?

Yeah, you need to cover the basic needs of your staff and your clients. You CAN inconvenience your staff for a short time using a standard portable toilet and they might moan. 

But if you do lots of customer facing work (pub, restaurant, dentist ext ext you get the jist ). You should look into more luxury toilet hire as a way of saving face during the refurb.

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