Providing the “suitable and sufficient” welfare facilities is a legal requirement  to comply with Health and Safety regulations which is a necessity for all employers, failure to match these standards can result in heavy fines, regardless if staff are directly employed by you.

What toilet facilities do I NEED to provide?

  • Enough toilets for those expected to use them, workers should not have to queue for long periods to go to the toilet.
  • Lockable toilet doors.
  • Clean facilities.
  • ventilated facilities that are well lit.
  • Hot and cold running water.
  • Soap, toilet paper.
  • Hand drying.

How many toilets should I provide?

Number of peopleNumber of toiletsNumber of washbasins

What if there is no local water access?
Chemical toilets are adequate as long as appropriate washing facilities are provided such as water containers

When organising welfare provisions you should consider:

Duration Of Work?
Toilets should be available throughout all working hours of the day regardless on the amount of people on site.
Toilets Per Person?
BS6465-1:2006 recommended that 1 toilet per 7 people on site, where portable toilets are emptied once a week, people should not have to wait long periods to use the toilet.
Adequate toilet supplies must be provided, this includes toilet paper and hand washing soaps. The toilets must be regularly serviced and cleaned to maintain a high level of cleanliness, does my hire provider include servicing as part of the hire costs?
Sinks large enough to wash face, hands and forearms. You will also need a way for people to dry their hands after washing.
Travelling Distance ?
Workers cannot be expected to travel long distances in when they require the use of the construction site toilet, the route they travel should also be safe and avoid any potential unnecessary hazards.

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For more information you View the HSE Welfare facilities information PDF.

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