Standard Portable Toilet Unit
  • Highly practical, portable toilet unit

    We operate one of the largest fleets of individual portable toilet units in the UK. However we do not sacrifice quality for quantity, as every one of our mobile sanitation rentals operate to the highest standard. When value for money and portability are the prime concerns, our Standard Individual units fit the bill without cutting corners or scrimping on excellence.
    Toilet Dimensions 2.4M Height x 1.2M Depth x 1.2M Width
    Weight: 80KG button (3) button (3)

The advantage of Standard Units is that they are totally self-contained, and so can be sited virtually anywhere, as long as the ground is firm and level. The adaptability of these portable toilet units makes them a perfect option for establishments such as camping and caravan sites. They have a flush mechanism and hand sanitisers containing anti-bacterial hand gel to maintain high levels of hygiene.

We can supply anything from 1 to over 1000 portable toilet units at a time, ensuring queue-free convenience is always an option no matter how large your event is.

Baby Change Facility

If there are going to be babies or young children at your function, you may want a baby change facility. One option we offer is to incorporate our Baby Changing Shelf into a Standard Toilet with Disabled Access. The larger floor space in the Disabled loo is ideal when babies need changing or young children need the toilet. Please ring us for more information on 01299 254420.

Standard Toilet with Disabled Access

As per the Standard Individual unit but bigger – external base dimensions 1.55 x 1.55m, allowing enhanced ease of access. Full-width handrails on two walls with ground level wheelchair access.

  • Standard Toilet Unit features:

    • tough proven design
    • totally self-contained
    • hand washing is by means of an anti-bacterial gel which dries on the hands after application
    • truly portable, with full on-site service if required
    • re-circulating flush tank system