Portable toilets can get really bad if not regularly cleaned and serviced, to clean a portable toilet correctly you will need:

  • Anti-Bacterial spray
  • High pressure hot wash
  • Waste suction machine
  • Toilet chemical replacement fluid
  • Odour removing fluid
  • Replacement of toilet paper
  • Replacement consumables (paper, hand sanitiser)
  • PPE Equipment 

Anti-Bacterial Spray
Our Heavy duty anti-bacterial spray stops bacteria from multiplying at its usual rate and reduces the lifespan of bacteria. We ensure that the surfaces of our portable toilets are of the highest cleanliness standards that are practically achievable, paying close attention to hard to reach areas where germs try to hide and playing close attention to clean door handles, seats and toilet flusher switches.

High pressure hot wash
Using a high pressure hot wash removes dirt that is brought into the portable toilet from outside, the temperature of the hot wash kills the living bacteria. The combination of the two allows for a click and hygienic cleaning procedure.

Waste suction machine
To empty the unit of its waste content you will require a high pressure suction device. Some units have an external waste removal hole which the pressure suction device can attach, others require the waste to be emptied from inside the unit through a waste hatch.
The machine works similar to a vacuum with a massive storing unit to hold the large amount of waste.

Toilet chemical fluid
Human waste is dangerous, it can contain germs which might lead to viruses and illness. It’s vitally important that chemicals are re-added to the system after each clean as to kill off harmful germs to prevent spreading.
Some toilet chemical designed to break down waste matter contain formaldehyde which is toxic. Other toilet chemicals are made without formaldehyde so are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Odour removing fluid
Smells effect our perception be it positive or negative, it’s important to AndyLoos that the toilet experience is a good one. We use a range of odour removing fluid systems to improve your experience with our mobile toilets.

Replacement of toilet paper
Toilet paper must be replaced regularly, it’s advised to do so as to guarantee there is always some available.

Replacement consumables
Consumables must be replaced as often as the toilet paper in case of unprecedented increase of usage. Hand soaps and drying consumables are vital in order to comply with health and safety standards.

Portable toilets require an extremely high level of cleaning in order to achieve the hygiene standards required for re-use.  AndyLoos are experts at supplying the best quality toilets available for events, construction sites and festivals.

We provide a portable toilet emptying service for customers own units. Read more about it here.


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