Quick Event Booking Numbers

Event organisers around the country are eagerly planning their summer fayres, fetes and festivals. Ensuring the right number of portable toilets for visitors and guests is arguably the most important thing when planning an event – if you fall short then you’ll soon hear about it as disgruntled guests take to social media to vent their anger at having to queue for too long to use the facilities!

To help those organising events avoid the pitfalls of toilet provision, AndyLoos has compiled a simple guide to help you determine the appropriate number of toilets you need for your event!

Summer Fetes and local community events
As a general rule if an event lasts no longer than 6 hours, and no food or alcohol is served you should provide 1 portable toilet unit for every 100 female guests expected and another for every 500 men, plus and an additional portable urinal unit for every 150 men.  

Need to know how many toilets per person at an event? Use our Event Toilet Calculator

Community Events
If the event you’re planning is set to last longer than six hours, and again there’s no food or alcohol being served it is recommended to provide a single toilet for every 85 women attending and one per every 425 men and a urinal unit for every 125.

Larger music/sporting events & festivals
For events planned to last more than 6 hours serving food and alcohol then the recommended ratios increase as the availability of food and refreshments has a direct impact on visitors’ need to use the facilities. Here the guidelines advocate that for every 75 women expected, the organisers should provide a single portable toilet unit. For men the recommendation is one portable toilet for every 400 revellers and additional urinal for every 100. 

Alcohol and food
When serving alcohol and/or food at an event it is recommended that you add an additional 15-25% more toilets depending on the expected volume of consumption of the guests. For example you would put a festival in the higher end of the scale 25%+; festival goers are a thirsty lot.

How large is the event space?
If your event covers a very large area it is recommended that you get more toilets to compensate the amount of distance guests need to travel to use your toilet facilities. It also provides the added benefit of removing long unflattering queues in one location.

Duration of event
It should go without saying that the longer the event the more toilets you will require or additional servicing will need to be booked with the toilets.  You can think of it as a maximum waste amount = Number of guests x Time x Eat/drink.  

Waste Disposal
Disposing of all this created waste will be factored into your event quote, It will need to be removed from site and taken to an approved disposal facility. Regular servicing is required for large events and events that last multiple days.

If you’re still not sure how many portable toilets you need for an event – then don’t worry – AndyLoos website has its very own simple to use portable toilet events calculator tool on the navigation bar which will provide you with all the information you need to know! After that view our range of portable toilets and submit an easy to use inquiry on our Contact Us page.

AndyLoos has 25 years experience providing portable toilets and washroom facilities for all types of celebrations and events ranging from local community cheese-tasting fayres to sell out music festivals with thousands of visitors. We endeavour to ensure all our customers receive an exceptional, professional and most of all affordable service – whether they hire a single loo or a full suite of our luxury trailers.

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